Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Have You Gone, Andy Pettitte?

There's been so much going on this season with the Yankees: Jeter getting hurt/rehabbing, Jeter hitting 3,000, Jeter looking deliciously hot as he turned 37 this past June, another late-summer pennant race, etc. etc. But please tell me you have not forgotten about our beloved Andrew Eugene... I know I haven't.

I've been quietly harping on this idea that Andy Pettitte was going to get terribly bored on that ranch of his in Texas, or wherever, with all those kids he has, realize he still has mad skills, and bust out with a mid-season, mid-game Clemens-esque speech at Yankee Stadium announcing that he is coming back to help the Yankees chase 28!! When he left the Yankees for those few years to go pitch in Houston, I freakin' called it...I knew he would be back...just had that feeling...anybody with me on this one?? ps - I also talked, for at least 3 years in the early 2000s, about how A-Rod would come to the Yankees and move to 3rd base for Jeter...where are my witnesses?

Anyway, as Derek would say - Pitching wins championships...and he's right! (he's always right...) As much as I secretly l-o-v-e AJ Burnett, his instability makes me nervous...we need someone solid, an old friendly face. We need the poster child for clutch pitching and postseason winning, and I pretty much can't think of anyone else but #46! Still with me?

Onto the crazy: I will literally do anything to see him pick off one more guy at first one more game, one more World Series.... I will read my Power for Living book 50 times before I go to bed at night. I'll go to church every Sunday - even the 12:00 mass that's realllly long. I'll fly to wherever he is in the south and knock on his door beg him to come back. I'll even get some cowboy boots and a bible for the occasion. You get it though ....He def. retired too soon!

To Andy: We love you, doll! We miss you like whoa....just come back into our lives and make us all whole again. What is this Key Three stuff? And though we probably all thought the Core Four thing was corny at first, we were living it and loving it for a short time's just not the same without you!! And besides, you're one of our fave Yankee hotties, even with your gray hairs *drool*...I mean, I haven't seen someone look that good in a pair of pinstriped baseball pants since, well.....alright, if we exclude A-Rod...nevermind... I need a cold shower.

Go Longhorns??


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