Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Half-yards & Home Runs!

Gina and I traveled to Yankee Stadium once again, this time with my work buddy Denise and her sister-in-law Andrea for the first game of New York's day/night double-header against Baltimore. We were showing the ropes to a couple of Yankee Stadium newbies, which pretty much just included finding and patronizing the cocktails stand and taking pictures with walls.

We once again worked on achieving our lifelong pursuit of getting on the YES Network broadcast with our Michael Kay sign - unsuccessfully again. Although, from our seats in main section 233, flat screens with the YES Network playing were right above our section, so we were able to simultaneously enjoy the game, hold up our sign and instantly see if we were getting on TV. Side note: Gina and I did chase down the camera guy for the big screen in center field - also unsuccessfully.

The seats were great. We will definitely be sitting there again. Section 233 is right in front of the hot dog stand, the Bud Light stand, and a short elevator ride to the main food court and more importantly, the cocktail stand. Although, the elevator didn't allow alcohol, so not only did I have to chug my beer to go downstairs, but we also had to hide a half-yard pina colada in Gina's drawstring bag! C'mon Yankee Stadium, the drunks don't want to walk all the way up the ramp!

We also had a nice little chat with our new friend Mike Ashmore, double A beat writer for the Trenton Thunder, before 1st pitch. He had all the info. on Jeter's rehab assignment in Trenton. Maybe we make it down to Trenton for Derek Jeter bobble-head night in a few weeks...we'll see. Follow Mike on Twitter @mashmore98.

We didn't get to see the A-team (i.e. Jeter was not in the line-up for game one), but we did get to see a Swisher home run and a Yankees win. An all around hilarious time was had by all! See our slideshow below.

-- Dana

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