Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Heart You, Mark Teixeira

Let's just get straight to it - Mark Teixeira's been on my mind lately, and when I say lately, I mean the last 3 years. Time to give our sexpot of a first baseman some random lovin' on the blog. (because you know I'm quietly ignoring, and therefore not writing about, the recent struggles of a certain highly paid pitcher with a Flock of Seagulls-ish haircut).

Flashback to March 2009 - As I am calmly driving down the street in Tampa, FL on my way to GMS Field to see the Yanks at Spring Training, with my two BFFs in tow, Dana spots the newest Yankee superstar/ the best Christmas present ever (literally - I think he signed somewhere around Christmastime in '08)....Mark Teixeira. While I'm making World Series predictions, we see him signing for fans on the fence just outside the park. Long story short, I was only two right-hand turns from parking the car, but pretty much flipped out and almost abandoned the car in the middle of the divided highway to go run to the fence and get a piece of this fresh meat! Side note: Dana drives us everywhere now. I, of course didn't do that, and we missed him by the time we got over there...And I'm not really sure what he did to us down there, but damn, we were pretty big Tex fans by the time we touched down in CT later that weekend. There was definitely one key moment during one of the games where he looked over his shoulder, pretty much right at us, and I coulda sworn that a large diamond ring appeared on my left ring finger and that I had a small baby bump...Yikes! I guess ya just had to be there...

There have been so many noteworthy Mark moments since the first time we met back in '09, and I can't really put my finger on any one of them right now, but there's just something about him that makes me drool. Aside from my collection of Jeter shirts and jerseys, I never really had other player shirts...I guess I was just never into that. Like when everyone was buying their Giambi t-shirts, I was saving my twenty-five bucks...(all those people have some expensive dust rags on their hands now). Anyway, so my point is that I have like, four Teixeira shirts now because I can't help but show my love for him!

But, why? As Yankees fans, we've had tons of hall-of-famers, and just great players in general, to watch and admire throughout the years. To be honest, I never really thought I would love another Yankee the way I love the Core Four guys...those pure, home-grown studs that won us all those rings. And A-Rod doesn't count because I've always had mad love for that man...regardless of what uniform he wore...ahhh, that's for another blog for another day... But really - Mark is such an awesome Yankee. He never disappoints... He has a great attitude, loves his family, and does so much for his charity (to which I donated $25 this summer...NOT because there was a drawing for a chance to have lunch with him at NYY Steak or anything...I swear! *giggling*) Ooo, ooo - and I can't leave out his unforgettable Quick Fit Tips segments on the weekly program Yankees on Deck, in which he teaches young people how to stay in shape, and inadvertently, quenches our Tex-thirst by doing all kinds of suggestive movements while wearing a tight shirt and mesh shorts. I am proof that you shouldn't watch that show when you're twenty-something years old!! Though I did learn was a "glute" was...

And on the field, he always seems to be helping us win games, whether it is with a big hit or with his hot ass.........defense. Even though us gals are already mesmerized as he unconsciously wiggles his butt at first base, it's actually what he usually does after that that's even hotter...Picture him scooping out a short throw or fully laid out diving for a ball on the line and then calling off the pitcher with his glove hand and tagging the base himself and tell me that doesn't bring a freakin' grin to your face! :D It's just all about the D these days, at least for us here at Pinstripe Love. Though I definitely enjoy a "Tex Message" every now and again (he just hit #34 a few minutes ago...) I'm not sure - as far as home runs go - that someone else is going to come along and top the image in my brain of a perfect hip-swiveling Tino Martinez upper-decker...don't hold your breath. I know I'm not!

It's just that the Yankees have picked up so many established players over the years, and we come to appreciate most of them, but I feel like Mark should've been in pinstripes from day one....don't you?? And I also think he should remain in pinstripes forever...he pretty much has to..or I'll go nuts!!

So, thank you Mark, for ALL your services. Keep up the good keep feeding our insatiable hunger for winning and hot first basemen, and we will love you 'til the end of time!

And lastly, if third base is known as the "hot corner," then what the hell is first base?? I gotta stop - keepin' it PG!!


ps - As I'm finishing this entry, I hear AJ shaved his head....what-ever...

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  1. G - you forgot when we were sitting in the first row in right field this season and we screamed "MMMMARRRRRRKKKKK" and Mark pointed at us and gave us the thumbs up while he was warming up!!!