Friday, August 26, 2011

DJ is single and ready to mingle......with us?

Sounds of Derr-ek Jee-terr chants rang through my house this morning....but it was game on, infomercials were still playing on the YES Network, so no tear-jerker Yankeeorgraphies....nothing. Just me being crazy and displaying random love for Jeter on this Friday morning, perhaps? That wouldn't be a stretch, but there's something different about today.

We all awoke to reports that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly, his womans of three and a half years, have split! As you recall, I recently wrote about the DJ3K documentary (see: Straight From the Heart: A Review of DJ3K special) and how 1. Minka Kelly sucks at life and 2. Jeter and I are soulmates. Wow. Did he hear me or something? Or was it just that she said really dumb things (in a fairly annoying voice) about how she didn't know anything about baseball? I mean, I'm SURE he knew about her lack of baseball knowledge from day one, but for it to be highlighted on HBO for the world to see...that had to be embarassing. I was pretty much embarassed FOR him! He joked about how she had posters of him on her wall in high school, which wasn't true...she didn't even know who he was!! What-ever - I STILL have Jeter posters on my wall...they help me sleep, ok?

My guess, among other outlandish things that I will keep to myself, is that he turned 37, re-evaluated life a little bit, and realized that maybe this isn't the's not the chick he's going to marry and/or have kids with. And maybe she was pressuring him..who knows? (I would probably pressure him after 3 1/2 weeks, not years, but.......) But I mean, she ain't special...She's gaining popularity, doing movies in LA, probably meeting all kinds of other dudes out there...and, not to mention, is just a straight up annoying person in general. He don't want none of that! No diamond ring for you, chica. The only diamond he's thinking about is over near River Ave. in the Bronx...and we'd like to keep it that way! And Dana called this whole thing...she knew it. She said it many times this year. But if I told you that I thought we would all be sitting here in mid/late 2011 as single people, I would be lying. But, uh, since we us, Derek...I am damn near going to Yankee Stadium and putting my cell phone number on a poster like that broad did for Ryan Braun in Milwaukee..I mean, he called her back, didn't he?

The point is, is that I looooove Jeter, with all my heart, more than anything in the world...and so, naturally, I only want what's best for him. And personally, I think that's me.


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