Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fourth Time's a Charm?

Hey there everyone – As mentioned in an earlier entry, Dana, Erica and I are headed back down to the Sunshine State for our 4th Annual trip to the Yankees Spring Training Camp. Can’t believe it’s the fourth time for us crazy gals! Seems like just yesterday we saw Mark Teixeira for the first time and immediately fake-married him on the first base line… oh, the memories!

Anyway, I’ve been working mad crazy hours in an effort to get all my work done in the next week in order for us to properly enjoy our vacation, but I am more than happy to take a moment to work at what I consider my real job as a Pinstripe Lover to reflect on this way-too-long offseason and all the amazeballs times to come!

So, what else? AJ’s gone, Andy’s back (can I get an Amennnn?!), Mark’s been “juicing” all winter somewhere down on I-95, and Jeter’s still finding his way up I-95 to my house to sweep me off my feet so we can elope …he must be lost *shrug*.

Well, while I’ve been patiently waiting for my manz Derek, I’ve been watching every Yankees related thing that I could find just to get a taste of enjoying my fave boys again, but when I finally got to see a spring training game on live TV last night, let me tell you – I was totally buggin’ out! Like, just the sight of those fresh, well-rested faces and those lean bodies scattered about the infeld (no disrespect to the OF’s, but I’m an infielder junkie…) brought a tear to me eye – no lie!

Woo! Ok…As I pat my temples with a cool cloth, let’s talk about the 4th Annual – Four. Something about the number four … I feel like it’s special. It’s supposed to represent order, completeness, totality. Four seasons. Four cardinal points. A four leaf clover (says Dana and Erica). The Core Four. You feel it, right??

What does this all mean though? That, perhaps, we will finally meet Jeter at a local Tampa Starbucks? I mean, I think so. :D People have been mentioning to me lately that they think it’s “my time”… my time to meet him, to say what I need to say…to prove we’re soul mates!! With that said, I can only hope that the next time I am blogging, it will be from a king size bed covered in 900-thread-count sheets in a 30,000 square foot waterfront mansion overlooking Tampa Bay! Juuuust sayin’…

So, stay tuned for stories from our latest adventure – we will be attending three games…even making the trip with the guys to Kissimmee for an away game! We’re also staying an extra day this time and plan to go to the beach…which is a really big deal because the only time we get anything close to a tan while in Florida is when our faces and chests are beet red from seeing hot Yankees glance our way!

Oh, and we’ll be heading to the Bronx at least nine times this summer now that we are, ahem…. season ticket holders! We will be catching some rays – and hopefully a few A-bombs from A-Rod – in the bleachers and will, no doubt, have lots of fun stories to report…See you on the 4 train!



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