Monday, July 4, 2011

Trembling in Trenton, Part 2 - Notes from the game

Props to Michelle at Kat Man Du restaurant in Trenton - we were starving and thirsty- great sangria! AND the yanks were on..This place is definitely the only game in town.. Lucky we found it...

4:34- First tear of the day..I can hear him speaking! Believe it or not, never been close like this..

Rain 4:55 - People leaving, not me.
Keeping ball dry. Michael went to get a beer-- what??? Come back out DJ! Give us love...

5:05- Pushed my way to front row... Just left of the plate .. He NEEDS to come over here...

Sweating profusely - in anticipation.. It's not even hot out here..5:16 Derek is in the clubhouse... Everyone waits. Kay on the PA ... They're playing the NYY game on the screen.. Mentions Trenton. Crowd goes wild! Old lady next to me points out dark cloud over our heads..I politely brush her off.

People clapping for two strikes for the NYY game! Wow- Mo blows save... People think Jeter's watching the game inside. I had to tell them he doesn't do things like that- he's probabaly eating, talking, using restroom...

ROUGH loss for NYY... Crowd is getting antsy. Including me. But I'm a pro! No liquids half-hour before we came in.. Nike Shox.. Could stand here all night!

6:10 rain started back up. Holding my post.

6:19 Derek Jeter chant begins .. The people want their captain.

6:35 they tell us to go to our seats.. Blah! No Jeter.

6:47 discouraged, I rush to the store to make a frivolous purchase .. They're selling Jeter Thunder shirts - who knew? Might have to get one.

6:50 got one.

7:00 Thunder hit the field in red, white and blue jerseys .. Even DJ! All these uniforms... History, baby.

1st inning- dog picks up DJ's bat as he trots to first - believe it was a golden retriever

7:45 People behind us getting kicked out for allegedly smoking a joint...gettin' rowdy on Derek Jeter night in the Jerz!!

top 3- I can hear Jeter's glove popping when he punches it before a pitch is thrown - I died.

Top4- I'm back. They announce happy birthday to Cashman- no one cares.
More reaction to the A League of Their Own clip they showed on the screen- Jimmy Dugan!

Mid5- fifth inning fist pumps... They say Jeter did it, but I don't think so...was filming whole time.

Top6- DP - DJ steps on second - fires to first ... Wow nothing like seeing a major league play like that up close- he's so amazing - age ain't nothin' but a number!!

Bot6- made a new friend.. Candi from Philly- offered to email me her wayyyy better pics than I have!

9:36- rain.. Good time for a bathroom break. Jeter's out due to downpour. Set to speak with media. Thank you, Derek.. An awesome night!!

Got word that Jeter was on his way out.. Sure was.. Walked out the back and there was his car..DJ texting on his iPhone in the passenger seat... Screaming people ... He gives a little fist pump.. Car speeds off.

It's not goodbye though- it's welcome back!!

-- Gina from Trenton, 7/3/11

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