Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Timers' Day recap

I know, it's a week late....but we just started this blog today!

Me, Gina, my sister Erica and our friend Erica (hereafter known as E-Rock) traveled to the Bronx for the 65th Annual Old Timers' Day on Sunday.  We made our way to the upper deck, after taking many pictures with the walls of Yankee Stadium, which have over-sized pictures of Yankees all over them.

Since E-Rock was out all night saving lives in her ambulance, she promptly fell asleep during the 1st inning of the actual game.  I had to de-fibb her back to life.  I mean come on, right?  Tino's here, we need to stay alert!  Here is a photo rendition of what actually went down:

So, the old timer's were introduced with great ovations for Gator, Tino, Bernie, Torre, Whitey and of course, Yogi.  I personally blew a vocal chord cheering for Tino!  The fans finally got to show their love for Bernie Williams and Joe Torre, two guys that left the Bronx before the fans could give them a proper send off.  Tino hit a home run to right field in the Old Timers' game and Gina and I nearly fell out of the front row of the upper deck.  He drove in Bernie and it really was just like old times.  The ceremony held for Gene Monahan was so classy, as only the Yanks can pull off.  I kept calling for the team to give him a car, so I was glad to see the center field wall open up and that big pick-up truck roll out.  We love you Geno!

The game itself was text book!  We all felt so fortunate to see back-to-back (belly-to-belly) home runs from Swisher and Posada, some insurance from Mark, and then "Enter Sandman" playing and Mariano shutting the door!  We know someday we will be watching an Old Timers' Day where these guys are introduced followed by other players whose names we don't even know yet playing the actual game -- so we took it all in as much as we could knowing it won't last forever.

....And, of course, Gina and I did our Frank Sinatra "New York, New York" dance at the end of the game.  Classic.


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