Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hey Guys, I'm Nick Swisher!

Hello Pinstripe Lovers!

It's officially baseball season now that the Yanks are playing back at home and me and the gals have made our way to the Bronx for our first game, and boy does it feel good! We (us and the team) are feeling fresh from Spring Training and ready to go. Now that we've seen a full game in person, I can officially say that the boys are looking sooo good and I think we're going to win it all this year! They are also playing well...

So, despite the fact that the Stadium was lacking popcorn, peanuts, and PETTITTE shirts (!!!) on Thursday night, it was an overall great trip. Our seats out in section 237 (DJ3K territory) are great, and I only spilled one beer on someone...success! (Now that we're season ticket holders, I'd better not piss off too many people though, as there is a good chance we might see them again out there...) Oh, and get this: Curtis Granderson went 5-for-5 and hit 3 home runs...wait for it - that's not the shocking part. Picture it: The Stadium is on its feet waiting for Grandy to come out for a curtain call, and the usually overly observant Dana thought it was only two HRs. Even I KNEW what was going on! Wow... must have been because I was down a beer.

Also part of the highlight reel was our tweets from Flash himself... Mr. John Flaherty! He tweeted a pic of his healthy dinner to which I replied that Dana and I would be sticking with "a dog and a beer" at the game that night. See below for his response. Dana jumped in on the convo. and promptly invited him to the bleachers for a hotdog. We know he would've come on down if he could, but he needed to be fulfilling his duties in the press box...probably handing out some pre-game sedatives to Coney or something. Maybe if Erica flashes her turkey sandwich on Twitter next time, he'll come visit!

And of course, the marketing geniuses of the Yankees have, yet again, cooked up some amazing between-inning fillers to put on the giant screen in center field. Over the years, we've seen the oldies but goodies: the cap game, the bloopers, Baby Bombers, and various montages of the Yanks kicking a$$... But just as we're sitting there waiting for them to come back out - and probably contemplating our next hundred-dollar, thousand-calorie snack - this awesome display of Yankees doing impressions of Nick Swisher come onto the screen. So funny! One after another - Gardner, Chavez, Nunez, etc. give it their best shot. And then comes Jeter. For a second, it looked like he wasn't going to do it, but then he busted out (hand movements and all) with "Hey guuuuys, I'm Nick Swisher!" The place went wild like Curtis just hit another 3 bombs! Men, women, old, young...everyone! Geez, as if we needed more reasons to love Derek - we are perfectly content loving him and knowing we're barely going to get a smile out of him in an interview, but when he does things like this - we melt into little puddles in our seats... right next to the spilt beer.

Ya know, I have always said I only had three things I wanted to say to / ask Derek Jeter if I had ever met him (that will only be disclosed in the blog when that day actually arrives). But I think I've got a fourth... how does this dude have us all wrapped so tightly around his finger?? He does normal things, and we fall out of our seats thinking it's so hilarious! Gosh, I wanna be him when I grow up...Oh, and you think he has a Jeter Meter in his giant apartment? Ok, I guess that's five things. Will you marry me wasn't on the list either. Six. I'll stop!

Love, g

ps - Check us out again next week - We'll be back in the bleachers at the end of the month where we will continue our quest for #28.... AND #46!

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